How to find & choose Google My Business Categories

Use this guide to view primary & all additional categories for any Google Business Profile.

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There are over 4,000 Google Business Profile categories and Google doesn’t exactly provide any help on choosing what is best.

With Phantom, you can view business categories in Google Search & Maps.

Google Business Profile categories

Note: Phantom must be installed in order view business categories in Google Search & Maps. You can install for free on the Chrome Webstore .

The primary category will have a ⚡ high voltage icon next to it, and any additional categories will appear to the right. If there are no other categories that appear, this means that the Google Business Profile only has a primary category and does not have any additional business categories.

What are Google Business Profile categories

Google Business Profile categories are business categories that display in Google Search & Maps. They help business owners and marketers by helping the profile get visibility for keywords related to the Google Business Profile categories. In turn, these business categories help users and potential customers find local services and products that are relevant to their search.

Each Google Business Profile can have 1 primary business category and up to 9 additional business categories added to their profile. Because these categories can help increase visibility and keyword rankings, this is a common step of the Google My Business optimization process.

How to choose Google Business Profile categories

It’s generally best to align your categories with your business goals and valuable keywords associated with your business. Using the Phantom Chrome Extension, you can perform a search for you target keywords to view what businesses are ranking, and gain insights into what Google Business Profile categories they are using to inform your own strategy.

Note: You can use Phantom to export business data (including primary and secondary business categories) for any Google Business Profile.

It’s also important to understand Google’s Guidelines to ensure the use of best practices when selecting business categories and setting up your Google Business Profile.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Google My Business category?

Categories are used to describe a local business. They help searchers connect with local businesses when a local product or service is searched.

How many categories does Google My Business have?

Currently, there are over 4,000 Google Business Profile categories. These are frequently updated by Google to ensure that business owners and marketers are able to select categories that are relevant to local searches.

What business category should I choose?

Choose the business categories that align with your target keywords and products / services. You can use this Google My Business audit template & checklist to identify which business categories top-ranking competitors are using to inform your category selection.

How do I add categories to Google My Business?

To update categories on your business profile, follow this guide on how to change your Google My Business categories.

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