Find Google My Business Categories

View primary & all secondary categories for any Google Business Profile.

How it works

There are over 4,000 Google Business Profile categories and Google doesn’t exactly provide any help on choosing what is best.

With Phantom, you can view business categories in Google Search & Maps.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Install the Phantom - GMB Audit Tool
  2. Perform a search for you target keyword and location
  3. Phantom will automatically display categories

The primary category will have a ⚡ high voltage icon next to it, and the rest of the categories will appear to the right. If there are no other categories that appear, this means that the Google Business Profile only has a primary category and does not have any additional business categories.

Optimize with better insights

How to use the Google My Business category feature

Google Business Profile categories are one of the biggest rankings signals when it comes to Local SEO and generating more visiblity in Local 3-Pack and Maps.

Unlock insights

Get better insghts with categories that would otherwise be hidden.

Data Analysis

Use this information to benchmark against competitors and inform SEO strategy.

Optimize & test

Optimze your profile with findings from your Google business category audit.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Get answers to common questions about Google Business Profile categories...

What are Google my Business categories?

Google My Business categories help your profile show for relevant keywords in Google Search & Maps. Ultimately, business categories help customers discover your profile.

How do I choose the best categories?

The best way to choose categories for your business is to align them with business goals. Identify which services are most profitable, determine what has the most search volume, and audit competitor categories.

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