Export Google My Business data

Export data from Google Search & Maps for any Google Business Profile.

How it works

Phantom makes it possible to export data from any Google Business Profile. This includes the business name, primary business category, any additional categories, website URL, review count, star rating, total number of photo uploads, and address information.

Follow these steps to export business data:

  1. Install the Phantom - GMB Audit Tool
  2. Perform a search for you target keyword and location
  3. Phantom will automatically display the Export button
  4. Click the Export button to download a CSV file with the data
  5. Import the data to a G Sheet (such as the GMB Audit Template) for further analysis

The Export feature makes it possible to automate various elements of the GMB audit process through Google Sheets functions, which can be accessed via the link above.

Google Business Profile export feature.
Export business data
for further analysis

Use Phantom's export button to export data to a CSV file...

  • Business name
  • Primary & secondary business categories
  • Review count & star rating
  • Number of photo uploads
  • Address locality information
Optimize with better insights

How to use the export feature

This feature makes it possible extract data from top rankigns competitors with qualitative & quantitative values for relevance, review, and proximity signals.

Unlock exports

Use the export button to automate the Google Business Profile audit process.

Data Analysis

Extract data from top rankings listings to inform your own Local SEO strategy.

Optimize & test

Optimze your profile with findings from the exported data and analysis.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Get answers to common questions about the export feature...

What are relevance signals?

A relevance signal is a general SEO term used to describe how well a business matches a search. This can be service / product-based or influenced by location. For example, the primary Google Business Profile category is a relevance signal.

What are review signals?

Review signals are any online review about a business's products or services. Phantom's export feature includes quantative data ( Google review count & star rating) for the business.

What are proximity signals?

Proximity refers to the distance between the searcher and physical adress of a Google Business Profile. The closer a searcher is to the physical location or address of a business, the more likely that business is to show in search (as opposed to a competiting business 20+ miles away).

How do I use the exported data?

Phantom's export feature makes it possible to more efficiently audit competitor relevance, proximity, and review signals using this optimization checklist & audit template.

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