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Install the Phantom Google Business Profile audit tool to streamline SEO processes, and get better insights from Google Search & Maps.

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What does Phantom do?

Phantom is a Google Chrome Extension with the following features...

Easily view Google
business categories

Find Google Business Profile categories for any profile.

  • Primary business categories
  • Additional business categories
  • Viewable on Google Search and Maps
The Google Business Profile export button.
Export business data
for further analysis

Use Phantom's export button to download data as a CSV file.

  • Business name
  • Primary & secondary business categories
  • Review count & star rating
  • Number of photo uploads
  • Plus more...

Note: More features will be available soon!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Learn more about the Phantom Chrome Extension...

How does Phantom work?

Phantom is a Google Chrome Extension that is available on the Chrome Web Store. Simply install the extension, and it will automatically display useful information on Google Search & Maps.

How much does it cost?

The Chrome Extensions is currently free to install for Google Chrome. However, new features are currently being developed and will soon be added. Additional features may not be free.

Who developed this extension?

This browser extension was developed by Dalton Luka, an SEO consultant that helps local businesses owners grow their business through search engine optimization.

Is Phantom safe to use?

Chrome extensions are highly regulated and safe to use. Be sure to get the extension from the official Chrome Web Store.

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